When Galdino Haimé was 13 years old he fell in love with basketball. He started to playing organized basketball for competition with the local club and within 4 years time he developed rapidly and became the starting point guard in the national competition. As a point guard Galdino loved to dribble the ball and after seeing the world famous basketball commercial of Nike in 2001, he was triggered and challenged to push his dribble skills to the limit. He specialized himself to master two balls and in 2002 he won his first freestyle battle, beating more experienced freestylers at a big basketball event.

After this battle Galdino was immediately asked to become a member of the freestyle crew W.O.T.S. (Word On The Streets) because of his unique way of delivering and entertaining people. Logically he was given the name: “SHOWCASE”!

The W.O.T.S crew earned a high level of respect all over the Netherlands as well as throughout Europe in the freestyle- and entertainment world. They also became the European freestyle basketball champions of 2005 in Italy, which was organized by the freestyle basketball crew Damove from Italy. In the year of 2006 the W.O.T.S. crew changed their name in LUV4DAGAME and started traveling through Europe to expose their unique freestyle basketball shows for events like the NBA Street Challenge, fashion shows for Karl Kani and L’oreal,  talent shows on national television and multiple grand openings for and in presents of Michael Jordan himself.

In 2008 Showcase decided to started his own entertainment company under the name: Showcase Basketball. Showcase was still a part of  LUV4DAGAME that fell apart In the year of 2010.  Showcase Basketball started to intensify its activities by combining different sports and disciplines with freestyle basketball in order to stay innovative and deliver new shows all over Europe for multiple events and several big brands, such as Nike, Jordan, Diesel and RABO Bank.

The video that inspired Galdino