The Battle

Creativity, talent and competition are the ingredients of this new and unique show: The Battle! The best dancers and basketball freestylers of the Netherlands bringing it to the next level, with a choreography of Vincent Vianen!

Sinerjey Meyfroodt,  Derel Kajieffa,  Shanna Heimenberg,  Emily van Tongeren,  Cherielle Dollekamp,  Delano Spenrath,  Niels van den Heuvel,  Jessy Kemper,  Xisco Riboch,  Melissa Tshala,  Josh Martina

Basketball Freestylers:
Galdino Haime (Showcase), Michael van Beek (Evolution).

Vincent Vianen

Act Duration:
3 minutes

This show can be booked worldwide and is perfect to use as opening show, preprogram for a concert, (all-star)gala’s, tv-show but also corporate events.  A MUST SEE!
Choreography by: Vincent Vianen